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By marking "yes" I am agreeing that I understand that completing this survey is voluntary and is only intended to gather my information for program eligibility purposes.

What is your Gender

What is your Race/Ethnicity (select all that apply)

What is your status?

Were you in foster care for any period of time BEFORE the age of 13?

Were you in foster care for any period of time SINCE the age of 13?

Are you still in foster care?

Were you ever adopted, if so at what age?

Were you ultimately reunited with your biological parents, if yes at what age? If no, please briefly describe your placement history.

Where were/will you be living before coming to UCR?

Do you/are you eligible to receive Chafee? (Chafee is a California state grant awarded to a subset of foster youth and would appear on your financial aid award).

Do you/are you eligible to receive AB12 (AB12 is a California policy that extends foster care benefits to age 21, sometimes it is also called extended foster care-- EFC)?

Who do you spend the holidays with?

Do you currently have a social worker?

Do you have a copy of your "ward of court" document?